Friday, February 6, 2009

First Blog

When we decided to open the gallery, we never thought it would happen as quickly as it did. We've been flying by the seat of our collective pants getting the place up and running. We had a most successful Premiere open and hosted 500+ people in our tiny gallery.
We opened in conjunction with the Holiday House Tour which is an annual event here in Boyertown.
We show works of the following (in no particular order) artist:
Jenniffer Baro
C. Anne Benfield
Susan Biebuyck
Val Bertoia
Emily Branch
Kevin Brett
Amanda Lee Condict
Arline C. Christ
Joe Hoover
Gail Fronheiser
Daniel Gorman
Mike Hale
Rich Houck
Loretta Mestishen
Jillian Prout
Dan Spangler
Melissa Strawser
Paula J. Stackonis
Will Dexter
Elizabeth Wagner
Robert Williams

It was truly a successful show. We sold a few pieces right away on opening night and continued through out the month, even taking a commission for one artists.

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